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Contact us

We love feedback. Trying to make it clear how you can get in touch with us is part of our promise to supporters. If you have any questions or comments please get in touch.

We value our relationship with you. If you would like to add to or remove some of the ways in which we contact you please set your contact preferences.

Keeping people safe

Keeping people safe

Oxfam is committed to keeping our staff, volunteers and the people we work with, safe. From constantly improving safeguarding policies, to installing solar lights that make refugee camps more secure, keeping 

people safe is a vital part of our work worldwide. We've made significant changes to better protect the people we serve, but there is still more to do. We're working hard to make our organisation safe and secure for everyone. To find out more, read our safeguarding policies and 10-point action plan to tackle abuse, or get in touch. We also have a whistleblowing hotline.

How we're keeping people safe

For every £1 given to Oxfam

  • 83p

    is spent fighting poverty

  • 10p

    is spent on vital support costs

  • 7p

    goes towards raising the next £1

Our promise to you when you support Oxfam

Together we are changing and saving lives

From protecting families forced to flee their homes, to making sure children get a chance at a future without poverty - we rely on brilliant supporters to make sure our dedicated teams can be where they're needed most.

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